DURA offers an extensive line of driers and catalysts, as solutions or solventless liquids, to meet virtually every film curing requirement in the paint and coatings industry. DURA specializes in driers for solvent, high solids, alkyd emulsion and water reducible systems; cobalt free driers to address environmental regulations; accelerators, dispersants, anti-skinning agents, and more.



Product Type Product Name Description / Application
Cobalt-Free Driers    

Driers designed for regulatory compliance

DriCAT® 2753F For solventborne systems. Gives superior long term color retention.
DriCAT® 2756FW Superior long term drying performance retained on storage in waterborne systems
DriCAT® 2735AQ Developed as a VOC free, water soluble complex for waterborne coatings
DriCAT® 408 For solventborne urethane alkyds
Alternative Cobalt Driers    
Combination of traditional cobalt drier with DURA's patented activating technology DriCAT® CV120 Direct w/w replacements for Cobalt 12% (CV120), Cobalt 10% (CV100) and Cobalt 6% (CV60) with no need for any changes to the rest of the drier package
DriCAT® CV100
DriCAT® CV60
Alternative Zirconium and Lead Driers    
  Duroct® Strontium 18% Technically superior to Zirconium and Lead driers, utilizing Overbased technology
Duroct® Strontium 24%
Ultra-Low VOC Driers    
Low VOC Driers for Solventborne coatings DriCAT® 2710 10% Cobalt Carboxylate
DriCAT® 2508 8% Manganese Carboxylate
DriCAT® 2005 5% Calcium Carboxylate
DriCAT® 4012 12% Zirconium Carboxylate
Waterborne Driers    
Driers designed to be compatible and stable in waterborne systems Duroct® WR Series 6% Co, 10% Co, 6% Mn, 6% Ca and 12% Zr
Duroct® WDX Series 5% Co and 8% Mn as post-add driers
DriCAT® 10 For lighter color
DriCAT® 506 Mixed metal carboxylates for waterborne alkyds
DriCAT® 507
DriCAT® 508
DriCAT® 509
High Solids Driers    
Driers designed specifically for use in hard to dry high solids resins coatings DriCAT® 3 Vanadium drier for thick film applications
DriCAT® 7 Mixed metal drier for superior surface-dry
DriCAT® 12 Neodymium drier for excellent through dry
DriCAT® 16 Mixed metal driers as specialty through driers
DriCAT® 18
Accelerators & Additves    
  XL-Dri Drier accelerator for solventborne and waterborne applications
Duroct® Cobalt 21 Loss of Dry additive for highly pigmented systems
Anti-Skinning Agents    
  MEKO #2 Standard oxime anti-skinning agent
Duroxime P / EZ-Blox® For use in alkyd based systems as an oxime with lower toxicology
DriCAT® 216 Oxime free anti-skinning agents used in oxidatively dried coatings
DriCAT® 232
Conventional Driers    
  Duroct® Calcium Standard driers available in various percentages
Duroct® Cobalt
Duroct® Cerium
Duroct® Barium
Duroct® Iron
Duroct® Lead
Duroct® Lithium
Duroct® Manganese
Duroct® Potassium
Duroct® Strontium
Duroct® Zinc
Duroct® Zirconium