DURA manufactures and supplies a line of hydrocarbon soluble metal organics used as fuel additives. These metal based additives are typically incorporated into additive packages and are used in a variety of fuels to improve combustion, suppress soot formation, lower SOx emissions and reduce high temperature corrosion in marine diesels, jet engines, stationary power plants and other industrial uses.

The primary function of most fuel additives is to reduce pollution in the form of soot, polycyclic aromatics, carbon monoxide, sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides by improved combustion to water and carbon dioxide.

DURA offers the following metal organic fuel additives which are easily incorporated into common hydrocarbon fuels.


Product Type Product Name Description / Application
Metal Organic Additives    
  Duroct® Manganese 12% Improved Combustion, Soot Suppression and Reduced SO3 Formation in Heavy Fuels (Marine Diesels).
Duroct® Cerium 12% Improved Combustion, Soot Suppression and Improved High Temperature Corrosion Resistance (Aviation Fuels).
Duroct® Iron 9% Improved Combustion, often used with Calcium or Manganese (Stationary Boilers).
Duroct® Iron 6%
Duroct® Barium 12.5% Synergist for use with Iron Fuel Additives.
Duroct® Calcium 10% Synergist for use with Iron Fuel Additives.