About Us

"No one has ever found a substitute for a customer"

Over the course of building the foundation of our company, our focus and beliefs have always been driven by serving the needs of our customers.

DURA is a global supplier of Metal Organics offering market-driven solutions to the paints & coatings, printing inks, unsaturated polyester, polyurethanes, petrochemical, specialty chemicals, lubrication and fuels industries. In addition, we develop specialty catalysts and catalyst blends for specific applications to meet specific and demanding performance requirements.

Dura now operates from 3 continents, but like many other businesses, we started as a small company in the sixties, in India, supplying raw materials for the coatings, plastics, rubber and cosmetic industries. Scaling internationally, we began operations in North America in 1994 to offer metal driers and additives, emerging as one of the leading suppliers of metal organics. Having recently acquired a European company, we have added yet another milestone to our DURA brand, truly making us a global operation.

We are committed to providing consistent, unrelenting and reliable service to our customers by offering a comprehensive product line and research and development facilities to meet the ever-changing needs of our customer. We work closely with our customers to offer them tailor-made products according to their requirements. Our key strength is our customer service team with problem-solving capabilities to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We have a highly motivated sales and technical team dedicated to meeting customers’ individual needs.

Dura Chemicals proudly meets all requirements of the international standard ANSI/ISO/ASQ(E) Q9001:2008.