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Dura Chemicals has introduced the DriCAT® 2700F family of paint driers, which are alternatives to traditional cobalt driers. This novel technology platform uses less hazardous metals such as iron and manganese to replace the cobalt. These metals are then activated to give drying performance much higher than that of the metal alone. The result is a drier that contains very little metal but that gives equivalent drying time, excellent whiteness and that also shows a dramatic improvement in the loss of dry typically associated with cobalt dried paints upon storage.

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DriCAT® 2700F Product Information for Solventborne Coatings

DriCAT® 2700F Performance in Solventborne Coatings

DriCAT® 2705FW Product Information for Waterborne Coatings

DriCAT® 2705FW Performance in Waterborne Coatings